BTS video of Khushi Shah’s upcoming movie ‘Full Stop’ is released

BTS video of Khushi Shah’s upcoming movie ‘Full Stop’ is released

One of the finest and most known actress Khushi Shah , definitely don’t need any introduction. The ‘Affra Taffri’ actress Khushi Shah is much popular amoung her fans for hard and smart work. Recently, Khushi Shah had taken a big success for her movie Affra Taffri. It was a first horror comedy movie in Gujarati film industry.

After the massive success of her last movie, ‘Affra Taffri’ , she is totally ready to treat her fans with her next movie. Now she is coming up with her new action movie, ‘Full Stop’. The BTS video of full stop was released and her fans are all set to watch the full movie. In tha last movie she came up with three roles and now she is going to fire the stages with an action packed avtar. The BTS video clearly saws us the hardwork, which is done by the actress behind making.

Tn every movie of Khushi Shah , she was breaking the stages with her performance. She came up with horror looks and after that she was going to kill the screens with her action movie . Khushi Shah will be seen in a perfect action avtar in ,’ Full Stop’ it would be a ‘must watch movie’ for all. Her fans are getting much excited for her up coming film.

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