‘Bedardi Tere Pyar Ne’ by Osman Mir is released!!!

‘Bedardi Tere Pyar Ne’ by Osman Mir is released!!!

Osman Mir is from one of the most versatile singer. He had given many superb compositions to the dhollywood industry. Osman Mir is known for his beautiful and melodious voice. He is a playback singer who had given contribution in every field. He is basically a dhollywood singer and have been singing for Bollywood since 2013. His expertise lie in genres like flock, Indian classical, Bhajan and Ghazals. He is also known as a tabla player.

On 15th may of 2020, he had released one of the most beautiful song ‘Bedardi Tere Pyar Ne’ which is originally sung by Lata Mangeshkar ji from movie Heena RK films. This song is reprise by Osman Mir and his son Aamir Mir. They took this song in their way, which was surely a beautiful composition. Osman Mir says,’l dedicate this most beautiful cover version of Bedardi Tere Pyar Ne to one and only the Queen of Melody, Voice of the nation whom I considered as maa Saraswati – Lata Mangeshkar ji’. This was his most special song as for the first time he had recorded a song with his son Aamir Mir.

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