Becoming an actor is an accidental event for me : Gaurav Paswala

Becoming an actor is an accidental event for me : Gaurav Paswala

The most known actor Gaurav Paswala is winning many hearts from his divine acting. He acts as a character in such a way that it looks so real. ‘Je Pan kahis E Sachu Aj kahish’ actor is favourite of many just because of his fabulous confidence, fantastic sense of styling and a wonderful personality. Explaining the reason behind becoming an actor Gaurav said,” I really believe that coming into acting is an accidental event for me. I am really thankful for that accident which I meet during a cricket tournament in Sydney. Due to that injury, I am not able to play cricket and so just to utilise my energy I stepped into an acting career. There is an acting institute in Sydney I studied acting there for about one year. I think it was the best work to find myself. I do my job as an accountant and part-time I work in advertisements and with this, I also continue my I acting school there.

One day I got a call from one of my acting teacher about one role as an Australian actor. He advises me to go to India and try it there. I thought about it for many days and finally, without knowing anything about that field I went to Mumbai. It may be a stupid or most adventurous decision for me. I left everything in Australia even my 9 to 5 job and without thinking anything I step into my career as an actor. My parents were not satisfied with my decision but later on, I proved everything. Just a strong vibe of doing something put me at this position today,” Gaurav Paswala added.

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