Beautiful song by Aditya Gadhvi: Aabh Ma

Beautiful song by Aditya Gadhvi: Aabh Ma

Aditya Gadhvi is a playback singer from the Gujarati industry. He had done many shows like ‘Lok Gayak Gujarat’ and many others. He had given his voice to many beautiful compositions and in many movies too. His melodious voices and fabulous work has marked his name in Gujarati industry. In movies like Hellaro, Luv ni Love stories, and in many more, he had given his voice.

Aditya Gadhvi and Aishwarya Joshi

The ‘Sapna Vinani Raat’ singer had recently sung a beautiful song, which is produced by Bandish Projekt titled, “Aabh Ma”. It is an old folk love song. Vocals are given by Aditya Gadhvi and Aishwarya Joshi. They tried to express the emotional journey of these two souls with a different sound, design, and rhythmic patterns. This beautiful melodious song is making every heart live. Aditya Gadhvi had given such a sweet change to the song.

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