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Director Dhruwal Patel on his Journey, Upcoming Projects and how he is coping up with the Lockdown

By Saurabh Patel- 3 years ago

Dhruwal Patel started his journey at an early age with photography and his first professional gig was when he landed a job as a wedding ... Read More

Director Rehan Chaudhary on scriptwriting, watching movies and much more amid the lockdown

By Saurabh Patel- 3 years ago

Filmmaker Rehan Chaudhary who is known for his films like Armaan and Tu Chhe Ne is currently staying alone in Ahmedabad and here’s what the ... Read More

Gujarat’s Poly woven Association contributes Rs 2.95 crore to the CM Relief Fund

By Saurabh Patel- 3 years ago

India is currently combating against the novel coronavirus and the confirmed cases of COVID-19 has reached more than 8,300. In Gujarat, the deadly virus has ... Read More

From making sandwiches to doing dishes, here’s how director Viral Shah is keeping himself occupied amidst the lockdown

By Saurabh Patel- 3 years ago

Well known director-writer Viral Shah who recently treated the audience with a superhit Gujarati film is currently investing time in doing productive things amidst the ... Read More

Here’s all you need to know about the multifaceted singer Bhumik Shah

By Saurabh Patel- 3 years ago

Bhumik Shah is a popular singer and a mainstream artist in the Gujarati Music Industry as well as in Bollywood who was been into the ... Read More

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