An initiative by Malhar Thakar for the needy once

An initiative by Malhar Thakar for the needy once

Our Dhollywood superstar Malhar Thakar has won many hearts in his journey. Malhar Thakar is one of the most known actor in our D-town industry. He makes every face smile with his superb acting. In every film Malhar gives us different looks and he always comes up with different characters. Movies like ‘Chello Divas’ and ‘Sharto Lagu’ had made Malhar an most amazing personality. His positive nature towards his fans, has been the main part behind his success.

In this corona pendemic, the actor had displayed how generous he is. Malhar Thakar donated funds of Rs 1 lakh to the PM-CARES fund for all those who are in need. Malhar is very responsible citizen, he came forward and helped the needy once who are suffering from this difficult situations. Malhar Thakar has shared his thinking on opening the NGO for those who are really struggling very hard. He is already known to all for his activities on social media. Recently, Malhar had shared a post relating to his NGO. He had started his NGO, ‘ Clinical Research and Ethics Trust’. It is ‘A community organization Happy To Help for those who need support’. This initiative by Malhar is a blessing for all out their who are in need. It is a big achivement for all of us that our actors are doing their most to help all needy once.

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