A wonderful journey of Meghdhanush.

A wonderful journey of Meghdhanush.

Meghdhanush means rainbow, a multicolored circular arc. Just the like name which paints a colorful, beautiful, and peaceful picture in our minds. From original Rock to Gujarati Folk, from Shaktimaan cover to Lolipop, from making music for movies to singing in different languages, Meghdhanush has touched our hearts through different genres.

Formed in 2009 for a Rock Band competition ‘Rock Parv’, Meghdhanush has created a space in
the top 7 bands in India. Their love for music and their aptitude for creating the same passed the test when they came up with three original songs just after two weeks of formation. The initial three years brought bitter-sweet experiences. They were the first choice for every college event. One of the most popular songs ‘Shaktimaan’ brought them into the forefront. They appeared in the MTV Never Hide Sounds and Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, and they also toured Turkey and Sri Lanka. Meghdhanush climbed the ladder with just one aim – making music that touches hearts. Soon, their original single ‘Baawari ft. Divya Kumar’ came out and they then debuted as music director with blockbuster film Chello Divas with song Kehvu Ghanu. They released their debut album Mijlas which had seven songs in four languages. This critically acclaimed album also gave them the opportunity to get featured on Colors Rising Star. Meghdhanush brought 50 Gujarati artists together for their famous Friendship Day song ‘Yaari’.
After receiving lots of love for Mijlas, they put out their fun and viral Bhojpuri Cover Lollipop in 2018. Later that year, they came out with Folk Rang – fusion music series of folk and rock for which they received the award – IRAA Best Music Producer Web Series (regional).
Meghdhanush made music for two more movies Mijaaj and Dhh (National Award winner for Best Gujarati Film).

Currently, they have started basic preparation for their second album which will have seven Hindi Meghdhanush-style rock flavoured songs. So, stay tuned as Meghdhanush team Jainam Modi, Karan Patel, Ishrat Kalavant, Priyesh Mehta and Isaac Christian is all set to bring unique, flavourful and colourful music into your lives in the coming year.

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