A public appeal of ‘Hu Pan Corona Warrior’ by Kumpal Patel

A public appeal of ‘Hu Pan Corona Warrior’ by Kumpal Patel

She works as a noble artist in the Gujarati film industry and Bollywood modeling. So far, she has worked as an actress in 6 to 7 films in the Gujarati film industry. Films like G — The Film, Bauu Na Vichar, are included in her credit. She has 2–3 more projects in the near future. She had also worked in the movie “Mummy Vs Mummy” in that they made a Guinness Book of World record and Limca Book of World record by completing the whole shooting in just 23 hours and 28 minutes.

Kumpal says, “I have worked as a noble artist in the advertisement of Corona Warriors published by the Government of Gujarat yesterday. In the announcement of Corona Warriors, we mask the people of Gujarat We give a message to wear the mask, use sanitizer, follow the two-yard distance and live a life following the guidelines of the Government of India. Which is currently being broadcast on television. I suggest everyone stay at home and to follow all the guidelines of the government.”

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