A deep meaningful message to everyone by Kirtidan Gadhvi

A deep meaningful message to everyone by Kirtidan Gadhvi

Kirtidan Gadhvi is a soul singer from the Gujarati industry. His voice has the power, which is winning many hearts from the beginning. Had given many beautiful compositions to our industry. Songs like Mogal, Laadki and many others goes to his credit. Recently, he had posted one video suggesting everyone to take due care of themselves from this corona crisis. We all know that this is much hard situation to deal with but by taking due care we can get out of it easily.

During all the this, kirtidan had shared a deep message to everyone from his social media handle. He says,”our P.M. Narendra Modi ji had taken a hard step to take our nation out of this corona, but it will only success if we also put our efforts into it. I suggest everyone to make their immunity power strong by having different types of healthy foods and healthy juice which are available at home. Everyone should follow a proper diet schedule to make their body capable of everything.” Kirtidan had suggested many different things to all of us, which will surely help us in improving our immunity power and this also help us to fight against corona.

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