A beautiful message by Puja Joshi

A beautiful message by Puja Joshi

One of the cutest personality of Dhollywood, Puja Joshi is nature lover! Puja Joshi shared some interesting information exclusively with Dhollywoodlife. She says,” World environment day is an United Nations approach, to raise awareness about protecting nature and the environment. This year, Colombia, in collaboration with Germany, is going to host the World Environment Day 2020. The theme of World Environment Day 2020 is ‘Biodiversity’. So, on this occasion of celebrating World environment day globally, with a specified theme, i thought of penning my thoughts on the importance of conserving biodiversity.”

Puja further added,”Among all the living things on this planet earth, we humans are perhaps the only race to have exploited our Mother Nature to its limits ! According to the UN, three-quarters of the Earth’s land-based environment and about 66 % of the marine environment have been altered by human activity, And today, we all can see the results – gross degradation of our biodiversity, which has resulted in erratic and rapid climatic changes, pollution, urbanisation, to name a few.”

Puja joshi shared a message,” I just want to convey one message. It’s high time now, that we all understand and conserve biodiversity. Let’s each and every one of us take appropriate action to reverse this decline. In simple words, we need to protect our biological resources, the various species of plants, animals, microorganisms around us and the variety of ecosystems that make our planet. Generate nature based solutions to preserve this degradation. Biodiversity plays a very important role in the future of humankind – not only to be in sync with the nature, but also protection from current pandemics and infectious diseases. Let’s all pledge to build a more ecologically sustainable future.”

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